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Offices in Lyon and Paris.



Created in 1989 to follow the strong development of HR market in Hi-Tech, Construction, Automotive and Medical sectors, our firm has had offices in Paris and Lyon.

We are now present in the main sectors of industry (Food, Transportation, Construction, Automotive, Medical, Energy, Hi-Tech, etc.). Our services have been broadened into HR consulting, training, Assessment Center and professional coaching as well as Executive Search.



Our team was formed in a spirit of complementarity through the collaboration of senior consultants, coming originally from the business world and benefitting from significant experience of HR consulting, and researchers, who bring a new vision to the office. It is federated around long-term projects where everyone is responsible for their skills.



Going forward, the project Taplow France is to develop The Taplow Group in France by setting up additional offices in key regions. We want to strengthen the proximity with our customers, positioning Taplow France as a major player in Executive Search and HR consulting in France.


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Senior level appointments can often be complex and require a careful, discreet approach.

Taplow Consulting France uses both traditional and contemporary recruitment methods, focused on identifying the best talent for your business. Partnering with your organisation to thoroughly understand your goals and drivers, our team of consultants and researchers ensure you make successful executive level appointments.

Through our intimate knowledge of the talent pool in our key industry segments, we are able to approach the most suitable candidates professionally and with discretion. We use behavioural-based interviewing techniques to ensure a thorough and accurate understanding of all candidates under consideration. Through regular communication between all parties, we aim to have the most transparent and timely recruitment process possible.

When undertaking an executive search assignment we follow a rigorous Search Engagement Process including :

Precise identification and approach of potential candidates, in-depth interviews to assess their skills and motivation, as well as the quality of their professional experiences, and to give them more information about the company and the position. A reference check is then done for short-listed candidates, and given to our client. We also realise a personal follow-up during the entire probationary period to ensure successful integration.



We understand that successful companies attract and retain the best not by just offering highly competitive salaries but by constantly striving to make the work environment somewhere employees want to be.

Human Capital covers a multitude of areas, but in particular:



Evaluation is carried out by our experts and enables companies to objectively assess their employees’ skills and motivations. By evaluating your managers and senior executives, we help you make the right decisions. For these services, we rely on efficient and diversified tools, which complete our approach in face-to-face interviews (e.g.: personality questionnaires, aptitude tests, 360-degree feedback…). We are thus able to support you on different fields such as internal mobility, final phase of recruitment, management to identify high performers, and individual performance improvement.

The Assessment Center method consists of confronting participants with fictional situations, representative of those encountered in a specific position. It is about highlighting the behaviours someone adopts when facing reference situations. Each one can know more objectively their strengths and weaknesses, regarding their ability to organise or communicate, their reactivity…



Coaching is a personalised support process which aims at developping individual and collective performances to the advantage of their company.

It is focused on managers’ daily issues in the broad sense and assists them in realising their professional objectives. It helps them place themselves within the exercise of authority, handle communication and information problems as well as conflicts among people. More than a mere management and development tool, it is a way to give meaning to management while respecting oneself and others. It encourages interpersonal skills rather than appearances and integrates technical skills into interpersonal ones.



As part of its interventions, Taplow Consulting France first focuses its attention on the project and the company’s values. A diagnosis carried out in situ enables us to build and deliver tailored and innovative modules focused on development of each one’s professionalism.

Our measures mix collective sessions with an optional personalised support, in order to reinforce the action efficiency through individual awareness and training appropriation



Situation : Intervention pour un sous-traitant industriel du monde de l’Aéronautique pour y déployer un cursus de formation auprès des managers dans le cadre de la mise en place du Lean Manufacturing.
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For further information please contact Stéphane Martinod, France



The client: A European leader in cold chain logistics with 15,000 employees and more than 200 customer sites, a major Taplow France customer.
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For further information please contact Stéphane Martinod, France


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